MMSD 2018 Annual Rain Garden Plant Sale

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Rain Garden Plant Sale and Workshop, brought to you by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in partnership with Agrecol Native Seed and Plant Nursery. This year we are offering a wide selection of Rain Garden Plants for up to 50% off retail cost! All items must be pre-ordered by April 6th, 2018. Plants will be available for pick-up on June 2nd at MMSD’s Headquarters. See map below for location and pick-up details. 

Why Rain Gardens?

Rain gardens reduce water pollution and improve our rivers and Lake Michigan. Rain gardens collect rain and melting snow, naturally absorbing them into the ground. By managing the rainwater where it falls,  rain gardens reduce stormwater runoff that can transport many pollutants to our local waterways. Most people direct downspouts from rooftops into their rain gardens. However, you can also use them to absorb water from hillsides, driveways, and other hard surfaces. 

Another great way to reduce water pollution and runoff is to use a rain barrel.  On May 19th, the City of Milwaukee will be offering discounted rain barrels and compost bins (a great way to feed your garden). Check out for more details.

MMSD is excited to sponsor the Annual Rain Garden Plant sale. Installing a rain garden is an excellent, cost-effective way of doing your part to help protect Lake Michigan!

Jay Feiker, GISP 

Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator

Still Unsure About What to Order?

Our Rain Garden Design Workshop is full.  Please contact

with questions or call the Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence at 414-225-2222.

You can also learn more by checking out the resources listed below.

Pick-Up Location & Details

Plant pick-up will take place on Saturday, June 2; Hours: 9am – Noon at MMSD’s Headquarters, 260 W. Seeboth Street, Milwaukee.  Make sure to mark the pick-up date on your calendar; there is only one pick-up date.


260 W. Seeboth Street, Milwaukee



9:00 AM — 12:00 Noon